Thursday, March 17, 2011

a look at the past: sixteenth bday

snow suddenly came down this weekend . 
it was sunny , then got a little slushy later today , down here .
on the way up , i thought you would sit with me because you always did . but you didn't . and it's my special day today . you disappointed me . 
but up there , there were icy snow ! going down the hills of mount seymour , ice hitting my face , oh gosh , time to duck ! walking up the hills was tiring . but luckily , for snowshoeing , we got a ride back up . 
lunch break was long .
then for snowshoeing , it was hard to keep up , but we made it ! after it , we got apple cider . it was good after a chilly walk .
back down , i thought you would sit with me again , but you didn't . then you said that lets postpone it since we're all really cold and tired . 
but when is this postponed date ? ):

i love you , <3

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