Wednesday, February 16, 2011

longg dayy

the day began with prettyness than grew into uglyness.

i hate eating big breakfasts (noodle soups) because i'm nearly guaranteed to be late .

aneeways the day started off with drafting &procrastination . more or less , i procrastinated because i left my materials at home . oops . so i 'tried' to work on the menu , but i think it looked more like i was doing homework . lols . oh and half way through the class , the firebell went off , and gosh , outside was chilly with the arctic breezes . it took the firetrucks forever to find the school , when they come here like at least once every month . occasionally few times a week . all the school's money is like wasted on false alarms . what a great school .
arctic wind &running does not mix . thanks pe-class / ms tanchak . running outside for the longest time ever (21 minutes, one more than usual) was so chilly , especially when you're running against it . burrr . then it was netball . i like netball , i wish i joined the school team in grade 8 . it's much less aggressive than basketball and less crowded . people are forced to stay in certain parts of the court which allowed everyone to participate . and i love shooting the ball .
lunch , lunch , lunch . nothing special . lols .
"kaboom?" how should i know what makes those science fair volcanoes explode ): do you know? aneeways , had a lesson on acid-bases for chemistry class. did some practice . it was chill ... lols . quiz next class ... yay ...
and omgosh , i love you ms xiao , you're the best mando teacher when it comes to marking . jus fix the mistakes after you write the dictation , and ta-da , 100% . i wonder how much this 100% will boost up my near 80% now . hopefully one more dictation can be done before the term ends and bump it up to 86%> .

after school was a really rough day for me today , especially the bus ride home . i almost bursted in tears , until my friends called my name and i held everything in . so par-a put his leg up and didn't let me keep going , but my friends behind are like "rebecca keep going" i cant help it , i cant . and then in comes another leg , tor-c's little brother . like what the heck , i dont even exactly know you ... but ididnt want to hurt him with my cell so i just waited patiently . the bus was moving of course . and when i finally got to go forward , i tripped on something , probably an umbrella . and almost fell facepalm . but instead i banged my forehead into a pole and got a grip of myself when i reached the back door . i just bursted into tears right-a-way . people were staring at me like wtf happened . i just wanted to disappear . then everyone (friends) came racing over and was like "are you okay" "you want a hug" so all i could do was hold in everything . i couldnt speak because i knew my voice will betray me , so i just shook my head ... i wanted to run out of that door so badly , but iwouldn't know how to face them the next day . then on , i told myself , i can't be picked on no more . i have to stand up for myself or else i will only hurt myself in the future . i wish all i could do was just blame it on you guys . what do you have to pick on me of all people . i know im small . but just stop it . idont mind it occasionally but NOT ALL THE TIME . grow up >.>

then i went to dairy queens alone for a blizzard . ice creams always cheer me up . and lately i've been craving for a lot of ice cream . why won't you be there for me when i need you most . i wanted to see you so badly today after school . i love you , but do you love me ? i know i'm being peranoid .

then i headed over to penguins to work on social studies . his brother made burgers , they were hmmmmhmmmmyummmmmy .  and i'm a slow writer , so i worked realllllly slow . wasn't even done by 2200.

got home , ate , writing here , about to finish up homework and study for physics quiz . shower , bed . and several hours later , another day another memory .

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