Monday, February 14, 2011


happy valentine's day <3

what a surprise, a day for love, began with vancouver's favourite weather- rain. how unfortunate.
iwanted to do a make over for my eyes this morning, but then i didn't want to stand out from my usual dress. i wore my favourite skirt to school as well.

what a nice way to start off the day- math class with a substitute and that it's a catch-up class. sweeeeeet. i managed to finish almost all of my homework . well at least i'm not all that behind anymore, nor that i was ever...
show and tell for an item that represents my culture was english class. i found a tiny "chinese knot" or rope charm, as i would call it, hanging on my keys. so i shared it. there were many knots that created an embroidery on the charm. and some knots which secured the beads and jade inplace. the beads were decorative and the jade is the 'key-item' found on the charm. this jade is supposed to bring good luck for the carrier. the jade on my knot was a rabbit, and it just happens to be the year of the rabit. chinese knots come in all sorts of sizes, about arm's-length so it could be hung on walls/doors, bookmark size for books, or keychain size or cellphones or keychains, etc.
many other people came to my lunch area today- cheung-j, xiao-g. it was really noisy too because zhang-l was blabbing away, but omgosh, she got two rose-a-grams. but she's so darn loud, like she never shut's up. (sorries, but it's true!)
aneeways, social studies was assignments, so much brain work. maybe i like notes better. no brain work. hehehehe.
and lastly physics was notes. moved onto another section for waves. sound waves. i understand this concept a lot better than whatever was before it cause its just like one formula that has only one variable that ineed to find. :)

i got really upset that you didn't text me at all today. well i mightve spoken too soon, there is 35 minutes left until the day over. but at least you replied ritaway when i msned you. <3 please tell me what you think, i dont want to end this, but i feel like we need to end this because we don't talk at all.. or maybe you're just too busy...

well, it's bedtime. sweetdreams . hope we can come out for a talk soon =) .

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