Friday, February 11, 2011

hbd fong-k

how usual , another cloudy day .

today i woke up at 7am , then continued to sleep since it wasn't 730 yet . woopsy , turned off the alarm . next time i checked the clock , it was 730 >.< so i popped up faster than before , and dashed for the washroom .

the term started out bad , bombed a test for every test-able subject ; and now the term is coming to an end , i need to write as many tests as possible to boost up my marks >.< when report card comes by , mom will be questioning : what's with all the low marks ... sometimes i wished that i tried (harder) , but im just too lazy to .

course selection started off the day . there was a long briefing on the courses offered at school and throughout the district . the more i find out , the more i don't know what to do . so for now i'm thinking to take ....
  • english 11
  • principles of math 12
  • geography 12
  • physics 12
  • drafting & design 12
  • ap human geography 12
  • ap statistics 12
  • ap chinese 12
  • work experience 30 hours
so i heard ap chinese 12 is super hard , even the native speakers have trouble keeping out throughout the year . so should i take mandarin 12 honours now or not take it at all ?
and does ap computer science 12 have a pre-requirement course ? the teacher who teaches it says no , but the counsellors who make my schedule say yes . >.<
then it was drafting . so for the last two classes i procrastinated  . or i just practiced for my mandarin cross-grade orals .
lunch time was really quiet , without wou-a . when you're used to something , and now it's not there , something just doesn't feel right .
now it's time for chemistry . iwas hoping we could mark the science fair projects , but iguess there just aren't enough classes . instead , there was a lesson on acids &bases . wong-e , please pass .
and finally mandarin . ithought there was a dictation today , luckily there isn't . but there's still the crossgrades left . i studied only during class time , i should've studied more last night since i had time , but i didn't . the teacher was nice , she gave me a higher mark that what i deserved for my consistant grade in class :) sometimes i feel bad for taking advantage of you because you're just too kind .

don't you just hate practicing ? like , doing the same over and over everyday is so fgjidljglkjaioerulkfdsl ! maybe i should start practicing , so i can get rid of this asap . idont even know why i wanted to try again >.> i feel so stoopid for making that decision - doing something i don't even like . so right now i'm procrastinating by blogging &watching the news . i like the news . it's so not boring . lols .

sometimes i dont like my petite size because i always get picked on and that i cant do a lot of things beause of it . but i think i love it more than i hate it . and as a girl , it doesn't matter as much as it does for boys . [for those of you who thought of wearing heels , when you actually need to wear heels , everyone else wears heels , and you're still the short(est) around.] for a lot of things , as a short person , i qualify for 'kids' value , which saves a lot of money ^.^ ooo , and i think small people just kind of never gets fat , no matter how much we eat . (be jealous , jus kidding) i wish i could be jus a lil less 'branch-y'

valentine's day will past by in a blink-of-eyes . i wonder what you have planned for me . i don't have any planned for you (yet) . but i want to say , iloveyou<3

happy birthday katie <3 hope you have a goood one !

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