Thursday, March 17, 2011

a look at the past: sixteenth bday

snow suddenly came down this weekend . 
it was sunny , then got a little slushy later today , down here .
on the way up , i thought you would sit with me because you always did . but you didn't . and it's my special day today . you disappointed me . 
but up there , there were icy snow ! going down the hills of mount seymour , ice hitting my face , oh gosh , time to duck ! walking up the hills was tiring . but luckily , for snowshoeing , we got a ride back up . 
lunch break was long .
then for snowshoeing , it was hard to keep up , but we made it ! after it , we got apple cider . it was good after a chilly walk .
back down , i thought you would sit with me again , but you didn't . then you said that lets postpone it since we're all really cold and tired . 
but when is this postponed date ? ):

i love you , <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

longg dayy

the day began with prettyness than grew into uglyness.

i hate eating big breakfasts (noodle soups) because i'm nearly guaranteed to be late .

aneeways the day started off with drafting &procrastination . more or less , i procrastinated because i left my materials at home . oops . so i 'tried' to work on the menu , but i think it looked more like i was doing homework . lols . oh and half way through the class , the firebell went off , and gosh , outside was chilly with the arctic breezes . it took the firetrucks forever to find the school , when they come here like at least once every month . occasionally few times a week . all the school's money is like wasted on false alarms . what a great school .
arctic wind &running does not mix . thanks pe-class / ms tanchak . running outside for the longest time ever (21 minutes, one more than usual) was so chilly , especially when you're running against it . burrr . then it was netball . i like netball , i wish i joined the school team in grade 8 . it's much less aggressive than basketball and less crowded . people are forced to stay in certain parts of the court which allowed everyone to participate . and i love shooting the ball .
lunch , lunch , lunch . nothing special . lols .
"kaboom?" how should i know what makes those science fair volcanoes explode ): do you know? aneeways , had a lesson on acid-bases for chemistry class. did some practice . it was chill ... lols . quiz next class ... yay ...
and omgosh , i love you ms xiao , you're the best mando teacher when it comes to marking . jus fix the mistakes after you write the dictation , and ta-da , 100% . i wonder how much this 100% will boost up my near 80% now . hopefully one more dictation can be done before the term ends and bump it up to 86%> .

after school was a really rough day for me today , especially the bus ride home . i almost bursted in tears , until my friends called my name and i held everything in . so par-a put his leg up and didn't let me keep going , but my friends behind are like "rebecca keep going" i cant help it , i cant . and then in comes another leg , tor-c's little brother . like what the heck , i dont even exactly know you ... but ididnt want to hurt him with my cell so i just waited patiently . the bus was moving of course . and when i finally got to go forward , i tripped on something , probably an umbrella . and almost fell facepalm . but instead i banged my forehead into a pole and got a grip of myself when i reached the back door . i just bursted into tears right-a-way . people were staring at me like wtf happened . i just wanted to disappear . then everyone (friends) came racing over and was like "are you okay" "you want a hug" so all i could do was hold in everything . i couldnt speak because i knew my voice will betray me , so i just shook my head ... i wanted to run out of that door so badly , but iwouldn't know how to face them the next day . then on , i told myself , i can't be picked on no more . i have to stand up for myself or else i will only hurt myself in the future . i wish all i could do was just blame it on you guys . what do you have to pick on me of all people . i know im small . but just stop it . idont mind it occasionally but NOT ALL THE TIME . grow up >.>

then i went to dairy queens alone for a blizzard . ice creams always cheer me up . and lately i've been craving for a lot of ice cream . why won't you be there for me when i need you most . i wanted to see you so badly today after school . i love you , but do you love me ? i know i'm being peranoid .

then i headed over to penguins to work on social studies . his brother made burgers , they were hmmmmhmmmmyummmmmy .  and i'm a slow writer , so i worked realllllly slow . wasn't even done by 2200.

got home , ate , writing here , about to finish up homework and study for physics quiz . shower , bed . and several hours later , another day another memory .

Monday, February 14, 2011


happy valentine's day <3

what a surprise, a day for love, began with vancouver's favourite weather- rain. how unfortunate.
iwanted to do a make over for my eyes this morning, but then i didn't want to stand out from my usual dress. i wore my favourite skirt to school as well.

what a nice way to start off the day- math class with a substitute and that it's a catch-up class. sweeeeeet. i managed to finish almost all of my homework . well at least i'm not all that behind anymore, nor that i was ever...
show and tell for an item that represents my culture was english class. i found a tiny "chinese knot" or rope charm, as i would call it, hanging on my keys. so i shared it. there were many knots that created an embroidery on the charm. and some knots which secured the beads and jade inplace. the beads were decorative and the jade is the 'key-item' found on the charm. this jade is supposed to bring good luck for the carrier. the jade on my knot was a rabbit, and it just happens to be the year of the rabit. chinese knots come in all sorts of sizes, about arm's-length so it could be hung on walls/doors, bookmark size for books, or keychain size or cellphones or keychains, etc.
many other people came to my lunch area today- cheung-j, xiao-g. it was really noisy too because zhang-l was blabbing away, but omgosh, she got two rose-a-grams. but she's so darn loud, like she never shut's up. (sorries, but it's true!)
aneeways, social studies was assignments, so much brain work. maybe i like notes better. no brain work. hehehehe.
and lastly physics was notes. moved onto another section for waves. sound waves. i understand this concept a lot better than whatever was before it cause its just like one formula that has only one variable that ineed to find. :)

i got really upset that you didn't text me at all today. well i mightve spoken too soon, there is 35 minutes left until the day over. but at least you replied ritaway when i msned you. <3 please tell me what you think, i dont want to end this, but i feel like we need to end this because we don't talk at all.. or maybe you're just too busy...

well, it's bedtime. sweetdreams . hope we can come out for a talk soon =) .

Friday, February 11, 2011

hbd fong-k

how usual , another cloudy day .

today i woke up at 7am , then continued to sleep since it wasn't 730 yet . woopsy , turned off the alarm . next time i checked the clock , it was 730 >.< so i popped up faster than before , and dashed for the washroom .

the term started out bad , bombed a test for every test-able subject ; and now the term is coming to an end , i need to write as many tests as possible to boost up my marks >.< when report card comes by , mom will be questioning : what's with all the low marks ... sometimes i wished that i tried (harder) , but im just too lazy to .

course selection started off the day . there was a long briefing on the courses offered at school and throughout the district . the more i find out , the more i don't know what to do . so for now i'm thinking to take ....
  • english 11
  • principles of math 12
  • geography 12
  • physics 12
  • drafting & design 12
  • ap human geography 12
  • ap statistics 12
  • ap chinese 12
  • work experience 30 hours
so i heard ap chinese 12 is super hard , even the native speakers have trouble keeping out throughout the year . so should i take mandarin 12 honours now or not take it at all ?
and does ap computer science 12 have a pre-requirement course ? the teacher who teaches it says no , but the counsellors who make my schedule say yes . >.<
then it was drafting . so for the last two classes i procrastinated  . or i just practiced for my mandarin cross-grade orals .
lunch time was really quiet , without wou-a . when you're used to something , and now it's not there , something just doesn't feel right .
now it's time for chemistry . iwas hoping we could mark the science fair projects , but iguess there just aren't enough classes . instead , there was a lesson on acids &bases . wong-e , please pass .
and finally mandarin . ithought there was a dictation today , luckily there isn't . but there's still the crossgrades left . i studied only during class time , i should've studied more last night since i had time , but i didn't . the teacher was nice , she gave me a higher mark that what i deserved for my consistant grade in class :) sometimes i feel bad for taking advantage of you because you're just too kind .

don't you just hate practicing ? like , doing the same over and over everyday is so fgjidljglkjaioerulkfdsl ! maybe i should start practicing , so i can get rid of this asap . idont even know why i wanted to try again >.> i feel so stoopid for making that decision - doing something i don't even like . so right now i'm procrastinating by blogging &watching the news . i like the news . it's so not boring . lols .

sometimes i dont like my petite size because i always get picked on and that i cant do a lot of things beause of it . but i think i love it more than i hate it . and as a girl , it doesn't matter as much as it does for boys . [for those of you who thought of wearing heels , when you actually need to wear heels , everyone else wears heels , and you're still the short(est) around.] for a lot of things , as a short person , i qualify for 'kids' value , which saves a lot of money ^.^ ooo , and i think small people just kind of never gets fat , no matter how much we eat . (be jealous , jus kidding) i wish i could be jus a lil less 'branch-y'

valentine's day will past by in a blink-of-eyes . i wonder what you have planned for me . i don't have any planned for you (yet) . but i want to say , iloveyou<3

happy birthday katie <3 hope you have a goood one !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i remember, but ididn't show

february tenth two thousand eleven

every morning , it's so hard to get up . you're all snugged in , you don't want to move . but you know you have to .

at school , i come across people i like and people i don't like . but you jus' gotta face them with a smile . the hatred within me is not that they did anything to me , it's just that i can't tune in with them . my classes for today are math , english , physics & social studies .
math is just math . i sit inbetween two people that talk about chemistry and biology and sometimes french twenty-four/seven . the person on my left just dreams about being smart ... i think being smart is just something you're borned with , lols.
english is never flawless , like how the prettiest face isn't flawless . there's always something that makes it imperfect , but it just blends in , so noone notices . so today i had a grizzley bear-like substitute . his deep, loud voice scares me . aneeways , today , we took a stroll outside to see what ideas mother nature has provided for our poem . my friend picked clouds , i picked birds . the more i think of clouds , the more i want to write a poem about it . it's so fluffy and different every second , minute , hour , day , etc . i always see a different picture everyday . :)
the lessons of my physics teacher are sleeping stories . the room is warm and cozy , his voice is calm , the perfect class for a quick nap . of course , i do whatever i can to keep my tiny eye-lids up ! today we had a lab for the 'wave' unit . i love labs , they just pull everything together for me (or help me understand concepts better) . BUT i just never understood this unit , gotta get some help sooooooon >.<
notes, notes, notes, is almost all i do in social studies class . just wrapped up laurier's time as prime minister of canada . oh , my socials teacher sponsors a lot of clubs , but like i swear , a shy little boy/girl will be frightened by this teacher who suddenly slaps his hand on the table (doesn't his hand hurt?) and picks on people randomly .

after school, i treated my two best friends to dairyqueen. ididnt expect them to go so conservative on me . they just picked the 'sweet deals' - a small dipped cone & a small sundae . so ijust went with it too ): we stayed there until 430 talking about our group of friends. we think alike :) . as well as recent happenings , lols , like the flying accident at mission . then we walked home . the clouds were pretty , there were some strato clouds  that looked like a biplane . when i got home , doing nothing , my brain tends to wander around , lately ive been asking myself what i really want to do with my love life . do iwant to keep this 'friendship' going , or do i want to end it ? because we just never hang out or have time for each other or our talking topics are so limited to certain things . i teared up a little thinking about it . for sure , iwant to get a hug from you<3 . i miss spending time with you alone. i guess i could use some guideance here ...

(i know the topic just suddenly changes , but ididn't want to put this at the top...)
today is my dads birthday . i remember that it's my dads birthday . but this year , i have no present for him because i didnt have time to get him one . i want to make it up , but its been such a busy year .