Thursday, February 10, 2011

i remember, but ididn't show

february tenth two thousand eleven

every morning , it's so hard to get up . you're all snugged in , you don't want to move . but you know you have to .

at school , i come across people i like and people i don't like . but you jus' gotta face them with a smile . the hatred within me is not that they did anything to me , it's just that i can't tune in with them . my classes for today are math , english , physics & social studies .
math is just math . i sit inbetween two people that talk about chemistry and biology and sometimes french twenty-four/seven . the person on my left just dreams about being smart ... i think being smart is just something you're borned with , lols.
english is never flawless , like how the prettiest face isn't flawless . there's always something that makes it imperfect , but it just blends in , so noone notices . so today i had a grizzley bear-like substitute . his deep, loud voice scares me . aneeways , today , we took a stroll outside to see what ideas mother nature has provided for our poem . my friend picked clouds , i picked birds . the more i think of clouds , the more i want to write a poem about it . it's so fluffy and different every second , minute , hour , day , etc . i always see a different picture everyday . :)
the lessons of my physics teacher are sleeping stories . the room is warm and cozy , his voice is calm , the perfect class for a quick nap . of course , i do whatever i can to keep my tiny eye-lids up ! today we had a lab for the 'wave' unit . i love labs , they just pull everything together for me (or help me understand concepts better) . BUT i just never understood this unit , gotta get some help sooooooon >.<
notes, notes, notes, is almost all i do in social studies class . just wrapped up laurier's time as prime minister of canada . oh , my socials teacher sponsors a lot of clubs , but like i swear , a shy little boy/girl will be frightened by this teacher who suddenly slaps his hand on the table (doesn't his hand hurt?) and picks on people randomly .

after school, i treated my two best friends to dairyqueen. ididnt expect them to go so conservative on me . they just picked the 'sweet deals' - a small dipped cone & a small sundae . so ijust went with it too ): we stayed there until 430 talking about our group of friends. we think alike :) . as well as recent happenings , lols , like the flying accident at mission . then we walked home . the clouds were pretty , there were some strato clouds  that looked like a biplane . when i got home , doing nothing , my brain tends to wander around , lately ive been asking myself what i really want to do with my love life . do iwant to keep this 'friendship' going , or do i want to end it ? because we just never hang out or have time for each other or our talking topics are so limited to certain things . i teared up a little thinking about it . for sure , iwant to get a hug from you<3 . i miss spending time with you alone. i guess i could use some guideance here ...

(i know the topic just suddenly changes , but ididn't want to put this at the top...)
today is my dads birthday . i remember that it's my dads birthday . but this year , i have no present for him because i didnt have time to get him one . i want to make it up , but its been such a busy year .

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